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Abby, Lexington, MA

When my daughter was one year old,  my husband and I wanted to start trying for another baby.  After 5 months of trying we were successful and became pregnant, unfortunately we lost the baby very early on in the 1st trimester.  We tried for another 5 months without success.  I decided to try acupuncture before I saw a infertility specialist in the next couple of months.  I went to 3 treatments with Tamie before I ovulated.  I followed her advice and ate japanese yams.  Tamie helped me pinpoint when I would ovulate.  After a few weeks of waiting I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was pregnant!!  I am now in my second trimester and we are looking forward to our new blessing this fall.  Tamie was invaluable to my success of becoming pregnant, I am so thankful for her insight and suggestions!  Thank you Tamie!