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Abby, Sudbury, MA

By the time I finally walked into Tamie’s practice, I was physically and emotionally exhausted.  We had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for the second time, and it had been nine months of disappointment.  My first child was conceived without trying — we were actually very surprised to learn I was pregnant.  So this experience was new to me and despite googling like crazy, we really weren’t armed with the right information or tools.  Tamie’s intake process is so incredibly thorough — the forms we filled out documenting every aspect of our lifestyle and diet and symptoms proved to be so useful to Tamie.  She very swiftly called out my adrenal fatigue, and I was tearing up with relief to have it confirmed.  We left our first appointment with an action plan — new supplements for my husband and me, a new diet plan, and a prescription for more sleep for me.  Although my sleep deprivation was largely due to my son’s erratic sleep schedule, Tamie motivated me to get creative and recover that lost sleep where I could.  After one month of seeing Tamie for weekly treatments, I already felt infinitely better physically and emotionally.  After two of my typically long menstrual cycles, we were able to considerably shorten them.  After a couple of months without achieving pregnancy (yet with normalized cycle lengths), we did salivary testing, utilizing an independent lab (that I would never have been able to use without Tamie’s direction).  She consulted at length with a professional at the lab and we realized I likely was not ovulating.  After about 4.5 months seeing Tamie, this was motivation for me to start on a low dose of Clomid through a fertility clinic, while simultaneously seeing Tamie for treatments and taking a supplement recommended by Tamie to decrease estrogen dominance.  After the second cycle on Clomid, I became pregnant with twins!  I am convinced that while the Clomid did increase my chance of multiples from about two to eight percent, Tamie had so readied my body to conceive that my work with her was the extra push for my body to release two eggs.  At this point we had resigned ourselves to be grateful for a second child alone, so twins was miraculous news.  I am so incredibly thankful for Tamie’s entrance into our lives.  She practices Japanese style acupuncture alongside functional medicine.  She is a powerhouse of knowledge — continually educating herself on fertility and so many different matters of health, hunting down the pioneers of this knowledge and attending their courses as she continues to practice as a professional.  Her mind is designed for problem-solving, which is exactly what infertility requires.  Everything she recommends is research-based, and she will eagerly provide you with the applicable source of evidence.  Most importantly, what underlies my whole journey with Tamie is, quite fittingly, her maternal instinct.  Her patients are truly her children, and she definitely loses sleep over us!  She is so loyally committed to our success.  I’d strongly urge anyone else who is on this journey to see Tamie ASAP.