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Adam, Chelsea, MA

I am 49 years old and have been suffering from severe chronic knee & back pain for many years.  I have had two surgical procedures on my knee and after seeking a 3rd opinion my newest surgeon was recommending partial knee replacement, which I considered to be a last resort. A very good friend suggested I try Acupuncture with Tamie, as she is providing great help with some serious health issues.  I was reluctant because I have a phobia of needles and did not really understand the Acupuncture theory or process. I have had 4 treatments with Tamie and the results have been PHENOMINAL.  I was amazed, there was no pain during the treatment and after the second treatment I was having significantly less pain in both my knee and back.I believe Tamie’s treatments have been so successful primarily because she is a highly skilled practitioner of Acupuncture – but more importantly she takes the time to understand the whole picture of what may be causing my conditions; health history, diet, lifestyle, etc. I highly recommend Tamie if you have not been satisfied with traditional options and want to feel better.