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Alice, Framingham, MA

After experiencing multiple early miscarriages, I was not able to conceive for about a year.  I found Tamie’s Acupuncture online and started visiting.  I was skeptical at first but I loved to talk to Tamie and her sincerity kept me coming back. My infertility Dr decided to do IUI -Intrauterine Insemination- however the success rate of IUI is very low so he was going to have me IVF if it doesn’t work…but it was successful at the first try!!  I believe it was because my body was regulated and well-prepared by Tamie’s treatment. I received Acupuncture about once a wk or 2-wk for about 3-4 mths, and more frequently before and after the IUI procedure date.  Now I am at 13 wks pregnant, doing very well so far. I cannot thank enough to Tamie! The thing I loved the most is that Tamie truly listens to your concerns and cares about your body. Treatment rooms are all in individual rooms, clean and relaxing setting with calming aroma fragrances, so I often fell asleep during the treatment.  Thank you again.