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Amanda, MI

I live in Michigan and have seen Tamie on several occasions for acupuncture when I go to visit my aunt who lives in Boston. I love going to Tamie for acupuncture. It’s very, very relaxing and afterwards I have a sense of openness and well being. I have seen several acupuncturists over the years and Tamie is the best I’ve been to by far. I prefer her because she is gentle, the needles never hurt, and I love the warm compress she uses. I was diagnosed with MS five years ago when I was 29 years old. Acupuncture is excellent for helping me to treat my MS. Between alternative therapies like acupuncture and diet I am able to thrive without taking any of the traditional MS medications.  As a holistic health coach I recommend relaxing therapies like acupuncture to my clients. I feel great! I feel healthy! I only wish I lived in the Boston area so I could go see Tamie for acupuncture more often.