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Amy, Harvard, MA

I had my first child, Tess, via IVF at the age of 41. It took a myeomectomy and two failed IVF cycles before we conceived, and after we had Tess, decided to try again right away. Between March and October of last year, we had 5 failed IVF attempts.  No Frozen Transfer. After the first cycle, I started acupuncture with Tamie.  Tamie was very invested in my care and worked closely with me to match her treatments to my IVF cycles. She explained to me “Timing of Folliculogenesis” which is if the quality of follicles are poor, it takes at least 150 days for primordial follicle to become antral follicle and ready to pop out at the ovulation. Tamie said sometimes it takes 9-12 months to get the follicle quality to improve. She believes that is the main reason I have not conceived yet. I went to sessions with Tamie regularly, and followed all of her instructions.  Her expertise is broad and deep and her work has helped many other “older” moms like me. After the many failed cycles, I had four consultations with four top fertility doctors who all expressed that donor egg was my only option so that I decided to take a break from IVF. I continued seeing Tamie and took a break from IVF.  I started taking herbal formula she prescribed, started watching my diet, and continued with my Tuesday and Friday sessions with Tamie.  In April of this year I became pregnant without the use of IVF drugs or procedures.  I never thought it would happen to me!

Do not give up!  Keep seeing Tamie (when you are in cycle and when you are not!)  Not only does it boost your fertility, but it is relaxing and helps relieve the stress of fertility treatments. I would highly recommend Tamie–and will proudly introduce her to my daughter, who will be born on January 10!