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Amy, Waltham, MA

I owe so much to Tamie for her help with my endometriosis and infertility.  I have been through a lot before and after I visited Tamie, my health really improved and could see results. After I took treatment from Tamie, there was huge improvement with the follicle count but my 3rd IVF cycle got cancelled due to hyper stimulation (which is a bad news with silver lining).  I was finally seeing results of her magic hands. For my 4th IVF my E2 levels were going high again but this time, Tamie’s acupuncture helped in keeping them stable and we were able to complete the cycle successfully and I got conceived. Tamie’s acupuncture also controlled on and off spotting and bleeding issues during my first trimester. I highly recommend Tamie’s acupuncture to any couples who’s been going through tough time conceiving. Her acupuncture skills are very good.  There are so many acupuncturists near Boston but I did not see any one who treats patients as friends and make them happy. Thanks for the care and Love Tamie. Thank you!