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Andrea, Concord, MA

Tamie is the best Acupuncturist in the Boston area!  I have seen many Acupuncturists throughout the years and Tamie is by far the best. I first found Tamie when I was 8 months pregnant with my third child. I had just moved to town and was looking for an Acupuncturist who I could trust to help  encourage a smooth labor.  Third pregnancies are notoriously tricky with false labors and I had a very smooth and short labor. I then saw Tamie to treat me for postpartum. I had postpartum after my second pregnancy and I vowed to seek help if I fell into postpartum again.  Tamie helped me immensely.  Postpartum sneaks up on your after months of broken sleep (my babies are not good sleepers) and I would notice a considerable difference after seeing Tamie.

Furthermore, I kept going back to Tamie because after seeing her for postpartum treatments, I would feel well for about a week or so, and then fall back into an exhausted and depressed state.  Some Acupuncturists would just say that you need to see them more often to feel better, but Tamie said that I needed a plan. Tamie wanted to combine Eastern and Western medicine and come up with a plan for me to feel better.  Tamie suggested a hair analysis test that she sends to a reliable lab and at first I was wondering how much that would cost, but it was only $70.  Considering how much incredible information I got back from this test, I thought that $70 was very reasonable.  The hair analysis test shows results that would not show up in a blood test for years.  Tamie then suggested a few supplements that are not chemically based (Standard Process brand in case you want to look it up) and I feel incredibly better.  I sleep the entire night without waking up, whereas I was waking up at 3:30/4am and could not go back to sleep. Tamie’s treatments and help have made me feel like I am 18, literally. I am 37 and I have 3 kids and can get quite exhausted running after the kids, but with Tamie’s help I can manage my life a lot easier. I then hyperextended my knee this summer and I saw Tamie to treat my knee too.

Tamie uses Japanese style Acupuncture, so that translates to thinner needles that do not need to go as deep because of the point precision, and in my opinion, Japanese Acupuncture includes a better “bedside manner.”  Tamie is incredibly caring and will follow up with an email or text message to make sure I am doing ok.  As an adult with responsibilities, it’s nice to have someone take care of you for a change. Lastly, there are a few things that Tamie has done where I ask her how she knows that and the response has been, “From my master” meaning she learned from the best and “from books that are not yet translated to English.”  Acupuncture is not something you learn in a 1 year course and Tamie is very knowledgeable.  I highly recommend her.