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Betty, Lexington, MA

I have had chronic back pain since I pulled the muscles in the right side of my back in 1964. For many years, I saw a chiropractor and took medications to help alleviate the pain. Before Tamie, I had never tried acupuncture. But a friend told me that Tamie’s style of acupuncture was very gentle and that she was very good. I thought I would try it once because it would be nice to avoid taking another medication. I can no longer drive, so Tamie comes to my home to treat me. I am very thankful that she comes to see me. Every couple of months or so, I call and ask Tamie to ask “do your magic for me again.” Why do I say magic? Because Tamie puts needles in my left hand and leg, though the pain is on the right side of my body. She has never needled the area where I feel pain, but after 30 minutes of needling the other side, she touches the painful spot, and I barely feel it. Tamie has tried to explain to me many times how acupuncture works, but I still cannot understand it. But I don’t care whether I can understand it because it keeps me pain free for a few months. I am 101 years old. What else could I ask for? (Tamie’s comment: Betty gave me this testimonial her care giver wrote it for her. Definitely my oldest patient I have treated.)