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A.C. – Westford, MA

Where would I be without Tamie? On a medication for a disease, I do not have and still suffering from severe IBS symptoms. Seven months ago I began having severe abdominal pain, weight loss, and blood and mucous in my stool. I immediately went to a gastroenterologist since I needed a specialist in the field. The doctor listened to my symptoms and had me do blood work. My blood test results showed elevated C-reactive protein level which means inflammation somewhere in my body. The doctor speculated that I have colitis and the only way to find out is with a colonoscopy. After going through this invasive procedure I was told it looked somewhat inflamed and that I have ulcerative colitis. He prescribed a medication and said I would need to be on it for the rest of my life and continue to have regular colonoscopies. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I am very healthy and never had IBS symptoms before. I immediately contacted Tamie and began seeing her for acupuncture treatments. Tamie suggested that I have my stool tested. This is a simple test that the gastroenterologist never mentioned. The results of this test showed I had H-Pylori. Tamie explained how H-Pylori is a bad bacteria in the stomach that cause all sorts of health problems including attacking the stomach lining. She started me on many supplements to treat the H-Pylori along with elevated levels of yeast and e-Coli, which I also tested positive for. I took these supplements regularly and saw Tamie for weekly acupuncture. Three months later we retested and the results showed that the H-Pylori was gone. I was no longer having any symptoms. Three months later I had regained my health. Tamie is incredibly knowledgeable. She is constantly taking courses to improve her knowledge and her clients benefit. She gave me a protocol of supplements to treat the H Pylori that she has used with other clients and it worked. I did not need to take strong antibiotics that would destroy my stomach. When I think back on my journey over the last six months I am baffled. A gastroenterologist misdiagnosed me. Instead of finding the problem with a simple test I underwent an invasive procedure only to be misdiagnosed. If I had listened to that doctor I would still be suffering and on medications, I do not need for the rest of my life. I consider myself extremely fortunate to know Tamie and hope that others going through health challenges place their trust in her.