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Chris, Medford, MA

My wife and I tried 6 IUI’s with donor sperm and were unsuccessful (at RSC). I had tried acupuncture with someone else during a few of the IUI cycles, but it didn’t seem to help.  I was feeling pretty discouraged and worried about my age and my ability to get pregnant.  RSC recommended that I try working with Tamie at Japanese Acupuncture Clinic, so I did.  When I saw Tamie, she said I would be a great candidate for IVF and that with acupuncture she thought I could be successful at getting pregnant.  And, thank goodness she was right!  I did acupuncture twice a week and followed the protocol that she recommended and we got pregnant with twins on our first IVF cycle.  We were secretly hoping for twins since I am 38 and not sure about being able to get pregnant later on.  We are so excited & so grateful to Tamie for her help!  I always looked forward to my acupuncture sessions because they were so relaxing and I always got to take a little nap.  Also, it was always a treat to see Tamie & her positive energy & spirit.  Tamie was also a wonderful resource with information about everything having to do with fertility & also with nutrition.  We are 17 weeks pregnant today and I love watching my belly grow.  Thank you, Tamie!  We are forever grateful !