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Donna, Waltham, MA

I have seen Tamie for a variety of issues over the years. She is completely professional and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of acupuncture and the human body. During my pregnancy, I saw Tamie every week through the first trimester to help ensure a healthy pregnancy; though my age put me in a higher risk category for pregnancy, I was completely healthy throughout the pregnancy, and I gave birth on time to a perfectly healthy son. I’ve also seen Tamie to help treat various pains over the years. Most recently, I was having a lot of shoulder pain that was interfering with my ability to use my right arm. I was fearing that I might have dislocated my shoulder. With just a few questions, Tamie was able to correctly diagnose my issue as a muscle pull. After one treatment from Tamie, the pain was completely gone, and it never returned. Tamie is a caring, intelligent professional. She not only provides exceptional treatment, but she follows up with her patients after treatments to make sure they are doing well. I’ve never had another healthcare professional call or e-mail to find out how I was doing. I recommend Tamie with the highest level of confidence.