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Ellen, Bedford, MA

When I started seeing Tamie for acupuncture treatment in February, 2006, I had been suffering from chronic fatigue disorder and fibromyalgia since 2000.  10 minutes standing was also my limit !  I would get so shaky, so exhausted and painful that I would almost panic – as if, if I didn’t literally LIE DOWN immediately I would die, or at least pass out.  It was horrible.  And that lasted for about two years before I learned how to expend almost no energy while I was awake.  And I had relapse after
relapse when I would be functionally bedridden for days.  It really wasn’t until I began working with Tamie that I slowly started feeling like I was actually getting _better_, reliably better all of the time. Now, my fibromyalgia pain has become almost non-existent, and all of my chronic fatigue symptoms have improved.  What I like most about Tamie is that she is always interested in everything I have to tell her about my daily symptoms, and she is always responsive to whatever is troubling me the most.  But she also has my total condition in mind, and helps me to understand what is going on with my body and whatever things I can do to help myself.

Tamie has taken the time and the care to get to know me as a whole person, not just as a disease or as a collection of symptoms.  No matter how good or bad I feel when I come in to see her, I always feel better when I leave, and I am confident that I
always well.  That’s more than I can say for any other doctor and/or caregiver I have ever seen.  I have recommended Tamie to all of my friends, and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone who would like to both feel better and to understand
their health situation more completely.  I hope she never moves her practice out of the area!!”