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Ellen, Bedford, MA

Every winter I have had a problem with dry skin on my arms and legs that has gotten progressively worse as I’ve gotten older.  This past fall it began as usual, but quickly became so bad that my entire trunk was also involved.   In November my dermatologist diagnosed “atopic dermatitis” and prescribed a cortisone cream for the worst-affected areas.  But I was constantly uncomfortable, to the point that I was losing a lot of sleep and becoming generally very run down.  Tamie had been treating me as usual, but wanted to wait until hearing what the dermatologist said to do anything specifically targeting my skin condition. At my first acupuncture session after the diagnosis, Tamie made up a special herbal formula for me to take during the next week.  TWO DAYS LATER my skin began to clear, and by the time I saw Tamie the following week I couldn’t wait to show her the improvement; I actually wanted her to confirm the healing because I almost couldn’t believe it myself.  The skin on my arms, legs, back and stomach was soft, smooth, and as clear as when I was a teenager.  And what is best is that from that one week of herbal formula my skin remained clear all through the rest of the winter without any recurrence of the dermatitis.  It still amazes me.