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Grace, Billerica, MA

Ms. Bilazzo is a true health professional – she is caring, resourceful, and great at what she does.   Ms. Bilazzo truly partners with you to help make things better.  She is receptive to your ideas and does research to give you ideas too.  I’ve never experienced that type of partnership before in a healthcare setting.  I’ll never forget the moment I decided to start seeing Ms. Bilazzo for help with fertility treatment, I had just received the call that my IVF was cancelled due to my embryos not making it.  I was devastated and feeling hopeless.  I saw her faithfully and after several failed cycles (but no more cancellations!), I became pregnant with my son at 42.  I never thought of myself as a needle person at all but she is so gentle and you feel so good afterwards that it’s something you look forward to every visit!  I’ve told her she can’t retire until I’m long gone as I don’t want to deal with my body’s twists and turns without her by my side!   My rheum. dr. also commented on my improving blood results over the years I’ve seen Tamie – results he only usually sees if a patient is on medication.  If you’ve been thinking about acupuncture, don’t wait – I wish I had known about Tamie much sooner.  She is making big, positive impacts in people’s lives.