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Harry, Lexington, MA

‘ve known Tamie for several years – she is one of the most thoughtful, selfless, genuine persons I’ve known and she happens to be a care provider – the perfect combo! One of Tamie’s specialties involves the treatment of infertility and while my wife and I conceived naturally, I decided to seek her help to induce my wife because we were worried that she may go beyond her due date.  Tamie did one treatment to induce my wife – it was on Monday morning (the day before her due date) and by the next day, Tuesday evening, my wife was in hard labor, her water broke at around 11:30 pm and our baby was born one hour later.  It was a very short labor, we almost didn’t make it to the hospital!  Our baby was born easily with no complications at all… what can I say? It worked!  Once again, THANK YOU Tamie!