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Heather, Burlington, MA

In January, based on on recommendation from my fertility doctor, I contacted Tamie. I went through two unsuccessful IVF treatments and was about to begin my third. I sent Tamie an email and she personally called me within 10 minutes. She asked me about my past experience with infertility and where I was with my current cycle. She reassured me that while it was best to start treatments weeks before an IVF cycle she could still treat me and she expected better results. I felt very connected to her immediately. I had to fill out a lot of paperwork, and was very happy to see that during the first appointment she actually referenced my issues and educated me on the importance of nutrition. Among infertility I also have suffered from upper back and neck pain for years. I have medicated daily with Advil for at least 15 years. Sometimes taking 4 pills(800 mg) 4 times a day. I have done chiropractic and massage but they seemed just quick fixes. Tamie suggested that while she treats me for fertility she would also treat my neck pain. We started doing cupping therapy each appointment and it has been life changing!! I no longer need Advil! My IVF cycle yielded far better results then my previous two, and I absolutely credit that to Tamie. She goes above and beyond for her patients. She came in on her days off to treat me because she truly cares for her patients and their success. She emails me some days just to give me positive encouragement. She has a vast knowledge of nutrition however she offers only supplements that would truly benefit her patients so you never feel “sold” or taken advantage of.  I look forward to seeing her and I appreciate all her passion for the health of her patients.