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Ioncho, Waltham, MA

I had a car accident one rainy night. I did not have any pain at the time of the accident, but two days later, I suddenly felt as if the ceiling was spinning. I was very scared, and my blood pressure went up to 150/110. I also started to have chest pain, and I ended up in the emergency room. I was very very scared. After a few long hours of testing and waiting, the doctor gave me one medication, told me that it might take at least 6 months to feel better, and advised me not to move fast. After taking the medication, I felt better temporarily, but the spinning spell came back two hours later. The next day, I went to see my primary care physician. He prescribed the exact same medication and told me the same thing the emergency doctor had told me. I could not wait six months to get better, especially since the medication was only working for two hours at a time. I went to see a chiropractor the next day. I visited him for five days straight, but again the dizzy spell came back. He told me I’d need to see him five days per week for two months. At that point, my wife suggested that I should go to see her acupuncturist, Tamie. She is specialized in hormone imbalance but she might be able to help my problem. After the very first treatment, I felt SO good. Really good. Tamie asked me to get up and down from the bed and move around to see whether vertigo would come back or not. It did not come back. I did at least a few times but my spinning did not come back. It did not come back two hours later. I received two more once a week treatments for minor headache on the back of my head due to the accident. And now I feel 100% back to normal: no dizziness, no headache, no high blood pressure, no chest pain — all without taking any medications. Still feeling great after almost 6 months!

Tamie, you are the greatest and thank you so much.