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Jacqueline, Tyngsborogh, MA

I have had the good fortune to receive acupuncture therapy from Tamie Bilazzo for over three years.  The results have been so effective I have begun to refer to the process simply as “Tamie Treatments”.  During my lifetime I have been blessed with
excellent health.  There are times however, that even the best genes and diet cannot prevent the life stresses and general fatigue from causing me to feel rundown.  I depend on Tamie’s excellent skills and training to aid me in a variety of situations.  During times of insomnia, I call Tamie.  When I am stressed and overworked, I book an appointment with Tamie.  When I am fatigued and experience an increase in my tinnitus symptoms (ringing in ears), I call Tamie and schedule a treatment.

My experiences receiving these treatments has led me to a strong conviction that  acupuncture is a more healthy alternative to sleep medications at night and caffeine in the morning.  After a Tamie treatment I am much more relaxed, thus able to be
more apt to handle life’s bumps by possessing more clarity and calmness.  Often after a “Tamie Treatment”, I will go straight home, take a nice hot bath, go to bed, and get a full night’s sleep.  On most occasions the treatment in conjunction with a
restful sleep will reduce my tinnitus symptoms significantly.  I recently arrived to work one morning to have a co-worker comment that I looked much more “perky” than normal.  This is a term rarely used in describing me in the morning.  I have
recommended Tamie to my family, friends and acquaintances, all of whom have had positive results.  She is even recommended by my family MD, a family practice physician in Arlington.  Thanks Tamie for improving my quality of life.”