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Jane, Salem, MA

Life enhancing treatment!

Every time I’ve been to “Spa Tamie” I come away amazed at how much better I feel. Tamie has helped me with such things as chronic insomnia, stress, fatigue and depression. For days, even weeks after seeing her I am so much more relaxed and
comfortable in my body. She often sends me home with herbal remedies for speeding up my recovery, too, and always takes the time to discuss any issues that may be affecting my overall health. And I actually feel better during the treatment. I still remember the terrible back pain I had after driving from Dallas to Boston in two days; I barely made it to her office. After being on her table for 15 minutes, the pain started to go away, and the return drive home was pain-free and relaxing. Just amazing! I call it “Spa Tamie” for several reasons: she gives the most  wonderful massages at the end, as good or better than any I’ve ever had; the rooms are so cozy and relaxing; the music is delightful; the perfect temperature, table, pillows, blankets, well, everything makes me feel pampered, not at all like I’m being “treated.”

I’ve recommended Tamie to so many people that I’ve lost count by now, and the feedback I’ve gotten tells me they’ve all been as happy as I am. I only have one negative comment to make: Where were you 20 years ago ?