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Joyce, Concord, MA

Tamie has treated me for stress, insomnia, knee problems, and asthma–(I do my best to keep her busy!)–and she has helped me with all of these issues. After each Tamie treatment, I’m guaranteed to feel more relaxed and to get a good night sleep. I’m a runner and have a chronic knee problem resulting from injuries and arthritis. The combination of acupuncture and light therapy has allowed me to continue to run with less discomfort. I have also been treating my mild-to-moderate asthma with medication for several years. Wanting to reduce or eliminate the need for medication, I have explored alternative methods, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. Since I started working with Tamie, I have cut my use of prescription medication in half and am hoping to stop altogether soon.

Tamie treatments are the best !