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Judy, Wakefield, MA

Just over two years ago, my (then) 15 year old daughter, Rebecca,  woke up sick: bad headache, 104F fever, lack of energy. We thought it was  the flu, but two weeks later, with no let-up of the symptoms with low grade fever, then our doctors  visits began. Four months and many tests later at Children’s Hospital, we were given a  diagnosis of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. We started looking for ways to work with  this disease, and were fortunate to have a friend HIGHLY recommended Tamie. My daughter was initially reluctant to try acupuncture, as in “Nobody  is going to stick a needle in me !”  But Tamie skillfully and patiently explained the process, and Rebecca agreed to give it a try. Right  from the beginning, Tamie took the time to understand not only her symptoms, but who she was as a person. Rebecca went from total exhaustion, attending school once a week the most often 1/2 day, with no extra curricular activities to a full time school schedule within 6 months. She was even able to act in the school  play this fall ! Rebecca is feeling so much better, and I truly believe that Tamie’sgentle and skillful treatment is largely responsible for that.

I’ve been putting off writing this letter for a long time, because  I’ve been afraid that I would not be able to adequately express the
gratitude and respect that I hold for Tamie. We are eternally grateful for her  work. I highly, with no reservation, recommend Tamie to anyone. I  stand in awe of her ability to listen with both her head and her heart. She is, I  think, that rare person who has the ability to practice the science of acupuncturewith an artists touch. She is a healer.

(Tamie’s comment: Rebecca went to a college in D.C. in the fall, 2010 and graduated with honor.)