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Julie-Ann, Newton, MA

I will be forever grateful to Tamie for her dedication, commitment and sincere loyalty to me as a patient ,which  helped me to get healthy, after the damaging affects of a miscarriage. It was not long ago that I recall sitting behind this computer reading testimonials written by other Tamie patients and being so impressed with the results.  Not particularly familiar with the practice, I was researching whether or not acupuncture was for me. Tamie was referred to me by my OBGYN doctor following a very difficult miscarriage, in my third month of pregnancy, which took place in late August of 2009.

I have two beautiful children already.  An 8 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter. When my daughter turned 4 in April of 09, I was 36.  At this time husband and I decided we wanted to try for a third child.  In June, I found out I was pregnant.  But by the end of August I suffered a very long drawn out miscarriage.  One, that after a full month of blood loss, resulted in a D+C in late September.  The results were devastating on my body; weight loss, hair loss, and a delay in period return and ovulation, and stress!  The doctor said we could begin trying again a month after the D+C but not to my surprise, all attempts were unsuccessful. I wasn’t healthy.  Months went by but I still didn’t rebound.  My period and ovulation cycle returned, however, my hair was still thin and sparse, the weight gain was slow and more importantly the stress from the incident was still taking its toll.  At this point, I couldn’t tell if my hormones were off from the biological affects of the miscarriage or the physiological affects.  Either way, I was getting more depressed….and still no success in conceiving.

By April of 2010, I decided to go for blood work during my yearly GYN visit, explaining the present situation to my doctor.  It was at this time, she recommended Tamie!  Being skeptical but very much open minded at this point, I did some research.  It was then that I very gratefully read up on testimonial written by others.  In May of 2010, I decided to give it a try.  Results followed immediately!  Tamie took me under her wing and little by little fixed me.  After months and months of not feeling well, I slowly became me again; relaxed, calm, patient and most of all, happier.  My hair started to return as well as my sense of life.  My family even noticed the change.  Some even started to go to Tamie as well for other reasons.  By June of 2010, at 37 I became pregnant once again.  No doubt a result of Tamie’s hard work and dedication.  I am now 38, and 21 weeks pregnant with our third child, and so very grateful to Tamie and her practice.  If  you are reading this testimonial like I was, and considering acupuncture for any reason, I recommend giving it a try. I had no idea it was so powerful.  Thank you Tamie, for all you have done for me.  I will be ever grateful.  And forever a patient.