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Julie, Concord, MA

Shortly after the birth of my third child I began experiencing left sided migraines.  Over the course of five years the migraines gained in intensity and duration lasting up to three days.  I would lie down for hours at a time taking narcotics and placing ice packs on my head hoping the migraine would pass.  I was literally punching myself in the head to feel a different kind of pain.  I would lose significant amounts of sleep during these periods and typically I entered a migraine zone twice a month losing precious time with my children and husband.  I missed so many family/friend events due to migraines and feeling ill.  Tamie has changed everything for me.  I was introduced to Tamie by a friend.  I am a nurse by profession and was disappointed with treatment plans in the traditional medical community.  Drugs seemed to be my only option.  I was open to anything that would take the pain away.  After two months of acupuncture therapy there was a noticeable difference in the intensity and duration of my headaches.  My husband also noticed a lifted spirit and overall wellness.  After four months, I can report that I am no longer experiencing severe headaches.  I am no longer afraid of the next migraine lurking around the corner.  My husband and I are truly amazed in Tamie’s ability.  She has been a god send to our family and my eyes have been opened to the many applications of acupuncture.  Tamie has given my life back to me and I am so very grateful.