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Julie, Milford, MA

When I first started going to Tamie, it was about a month before my 40th birthday, and I had two failed IUIs and three failed IVFs behind me. My doctor gave me the approval to do one more IVF, but told me that she did not have high hopes due to my low egg output and a family history of early menopause at 40. She also told me insurance would probably not cover any treatments after age 40, and was able to schedule my IVF literally days before my birthday. I had already been going to acupuncture and since it was not feasible to change reproductive endocrinologists, I thought I would try a new acupuncturist after seeing Tamie’s brochure in the doctor’s office. Even though it was an hour drive in order to see Tamie, it was so worth it! I ended up getting pregnant on the fourth IVF and am now almost 31 weeks with no complications.  I am so grateful to Tamie and would recommend her to anyone, especially those who are “poor responders” as I was.