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Kate, Waltham, MA

Tamie is the BEST!! I decided to meet with Tamie after a friend strongly recommended her. Instantly I was impressed by the thoroughness of Tamie’s process- she returned my email almost immediately, made an appointment with me right away, and sent me a comprehensive packet of information to fill out prior to the first meeting. My husband and I had two miscarriages in 2009 and were very discouraged that we had not gotten pregnant in several years despite our attempts. We met with a Fertility specialist and started down the path to see if anything was wrong. We were in the middle of the process when my friend recommended acupuncture, specifically Tamie. Tamie was so incredibly helpful, caring, and genuinely interested in helping me. My first appointment was in September 2014 and I found out I was pregnant one month later! I was extremely concerned about the first trimester and just hoping I would not miscarry again. Tamie was extra supportive and caring during that time! I looked forward to our weekly treatments because each week I felt more hopeful! My daughter was born in June of 2015! I had an incredibly healthy pregnancy and delivery. I truly believe I owe this to Tamie and her treatments through the pregnancy! My daughter has been an exceptional baby-very few issues in the past 10 months-she has slept through the night since 4 months old, eats well, is a very healthy weight and height, is extremely happy and adjusts well to anything! I tell people all the time that I believe this is ALL because of Tamie and acupuncture. Thank you Tamie! There are not enough words to describe how appreciative and thankful I am for ALL of your knowledge, passion, and energy in working with women who are struggling with one of the hardest things ever!