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Kelly, Tewksbury, MA

My husband and I had been going through over a year of different infertility treatments due to PCOS, including IVF, without any success. Before my next cycle, I decided to look into acupuncture. That’s when I found Tamie. When I met her, I immediately felt comfortable around her, and I felt like she wanted to help me get pregnant. She was very thorough in her initial assessment, and did a fantastic job of explaining the reasoning behind each of her treatments. (Also, her treatments never hurt, which was a fear of mine.) Not only that, she was always very accessible by phone and email, always returning my calls/emails within a few hours. When it got closer to my egg retrieval and embryo transfer times, she completely accommodated my schedule, even opening her home to me for treatments. A few days after my embryo transfer, I experienced a ruptured cyst that sent me to the hospital. Tamie’s voice was the only one that seemed to keep my spirits up and allowed me not to lose hope for my cycle. I am now 6 months pregnant, and due to deliver in March 2010. Tamie is not just any acupuncturist; she’s an extremely knowledgeable practitioner, she has a very calming presence, and she always maintains a positive energy which is infectious. I can’t thank her enough for helping my husband and I come one huge step closer to realizing our dream of having a child.