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Kyla, Marblehead, MA

I am 40 years old and recently married, my husband and I knew it would be a long road to get pregnant.  After finding a large mass on my ovary in 2003, I had extensive abdominal surgery to remove the mass.  I was told by my doctor that I not only had Stage IV endometriosis but that it was the worst case she had ever seen.  So, we started our fertility testing wondering what would be found and according to the tests my husband and I were both very healthy.  The fertility doctor could only point to the endometriosis as the cause of my infertility.  Our only option was IVF.  The doctor told us we only had a 25% chance of success with each IVF cycle.  We accepted the odds and started right away.  We had two unsuccessful IVF cycles in the spring and summer 2009 and were running out of insurance money.  We decided to do one last cycle of IVF and do everything we could to make it successful.  I quit my stressful job and also turned to Tamie for assistance.  I visited Tamie every week for 6 weeks prior to beginning the third IVF cycle.  I visited her before egg transfer and before and after embryo transfer.  In October 2009, I found out that I’m pregnant…not only with one baby but with two!  TWINS!  I NEVER thought it would be possible for me to get pregnant and here I am blessed with two babies inside me!

For those women who think it is too late for them or that their case is too bleak and dim, I hope that you read my story and find the courage to get treatments with Tamie and continue your journey.  I am living proof that no matter how slim the chance, miracles do happen!  Thank you, Tamie, from the bottom of our hearts.