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Linah, Medford, MA

Beside her acupuncture treatment and clean cute clinic in Japanese style, I really feel Tamie help me with her guides in every steps on my IVF procedures. Some people get pregnant in a blink of an eye, that what I see from my sisters and friends. Not me, though!!  I had 4 very early miscarriages and two fail IUI because my body reacted badly to clomid. I saw Tamie in the very beginning of my IVF procedures, in hope that my body would react better to IVF drugs that I would take, which it did.  I had very mild reaction to the IVF drugs. During the IVF procedures, Tamie advised me what fruits and food that should I eat or avoid; what I need to do during eggs retrieval, during embryo transfers and during waiting period for the pregnancy test result. The nice thing about her, she did not say a lot in advance, but she would tell me when the time came, so I didn’t  have to try to remember in advance while I had to focus on my IVF program and feel nervous about the outcome.  Probably because she already has so many experience dealing with infertility patients.  Some of her advise about food/fruits, I have heard about it, but it is nice to be reminded because with a lot of things going on it is easy to forget but I believe these things does not hurt to follow.  And now I am 22 weeks pregnant. Thanks so much Tamie for all your help.