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Lisa, Boxborough, MA

Tamie is just wonderful.  I came across her business card at RSC, now IVF New England.  I had three failed IVF cycles before I contacted Tamie.  The fourth IVF cycle was going to be our last attempt for my husband and me for financial, emotional, and physical reasons.  Our first Fertility doctor had told us that she (the doctor) had tried all the protocols that she would on me and she would just go back to one of the previous protocols for our fourth IVF cycle.  At that point we felt our doctor had given up on us and it was just a shot in the dark, if the next IVF cycle would work.  At that point, my husband and I decided we needed a break from all of the Fertility treatments and then switch to a new Fertility doctor and Acupuncturist for a new start. During this break we contacted Tamie.  We met with her and instantly felt that she possessed a lot of knowledge in the fertility area regarding diet, vitamins, and acupuncture treatments.  After our first consultation, she gave us a list of foods to eat and to avoid.  She also recommended vitamins and some slight lifestyle changes mostly related to our diet and exercise for both my husband and myself.  She told us that normally it would take about 90 days for all the changes that we make to be affective.  This also aligned well with our plan to start our fourth IVF cycle with our new Fertility doctor, Dr. Samuel Pauli. Tamie and Dr. Samuel Pauli had mutual respect for each others part in helping us with our fertility treatment.  They both listened to what research and knowledge I gained from my failed IVF cycles and tailored the treatment for us.  The fourth and last IVF cycle (the first IVF cycle with Tamie and Dr. Pauli) was a Success!  This in itself speaks to how wonderful Tamie and Dr. Pauli are at their professions. From working with Tamie, we felt she doesn’t see us as just another one of her patients.  She truly cares about us.  She would come meet me at her clinic even on her days off to make sure that I am treated on the days leading up to egg retrieval and the day of my transfer.  For all these reasons, we think Tamie is just wonderful and are lucky to have her here in MA.