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Maiko, Lexington, MA

I go to see Tamie every time I come across physical and mental problems. At first, I took my mother to see Tamie for her chronic stiff neck and the tingling and numbness in her right hand. My mother never complained after a total of eight treatments over 4 weeks. Since my mother got such great results, I decided to go to see her about my chronic migraine attacks, which hit behind my right eyebrow area, as well as night sweats. Although I was only 30 years old, I was having severe night sweats on and off for almost a year, which required me to change not only my pajamas but also the soaking wet bed sheets in the middle of the night. Tamie diagnosed me that those two problems were caused by hormonal imbalance due to my constant high stress. She became my psychotherapist (and acupuncturist)! After 4 weeks of twice-a-week acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine, my night sweats and migraine attacks completely stopped! A few weeks later, I woke up with neck pain and I could not turn to the right at all. When I got home from the first treatment, my neck was 100% better. The next visit was for the forearm pain I suffered from Aiki-do. When I was leaving her clinic, the pain was gone. The latest visit I had was tailbone
. Again, it was from practicing Aiki-do. I could barely walk to her clinic from the parking lot but the time I was leaving her clinic, I was able to walk back to the car. Not only does she treat symptoms but she always gives me a follow up call, email or text messages. It is so nice to have a practitioner like her in Lexington! My family and I are very grateful.