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Maki, Boston, MA

About two years ago, I started having very severe pain in my shoulder woke me up at night.  I had weekly massage treatments which temporarily relieved the pain, but after a few days, the pain would come back.  Last summer, I moved to Boston from NY, and I had to find a new massage therapist.  I tried a couple different therapists, and then I found Tamie.  At first, I was only going to get a massage treatment, not acupuncture. I was not ready for an acupuncture treatment since I had never had it in my life and was afraid of needles going into my body.   But I remembered that my Japanese friend started an acupuncture treatment for her back pain and told me that it worked very well to relieve her pain.  So I consulted with Tamie and decided to try the acupuncture treatment.  The needles that she used were very thin and delicate; I was surprised to learn that there was no pain.  Tamie was able to pin-point the precise area where the pain was located, also she could place the needles exactly where they needed to go. In the past  I had suffered from severe pain, headaches and nausea due to my tight shoulder muscle, especially when the weather got very cold. Compared to that time, my shoulders are much more relaxed and I feel much better.  I am very
happy with the results!  Thanks, Tamie-san, for your wonderful treatment!