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Maryellen, Arlington, MA

I want to take a moment to write about Tami and the Japanese Acupuncture Clinic.  I am one of Tami’s first patients.  I have been coming to her since she started her practice, actually during her training as well.  I can’t claim to understand completely how acupuncture works, however, thousands of years of Japanese medicine both alleviates symptoms and addresses the root of the problem safely and naturally.  I always feel better when I leave her office. I have been treated for many different things ranging from menopause, tennis elbow, and back/neck pain.  My young son was treated for nightmares and trouble sleeping and my other son when he would get bad colds and his asthma would flare up.  My husband (who is petrified of needles) has been many times to help with a stiff neck due to work stresses.  Tami also treated my dog that was dying of cancer to help comfort and help her during her final days. So, as you can tell, my trust in Tami is extremely high.  I surround myself with people I trust – Tami, doctors, friends, and family to provide me with objective input and insight. My most recent situation has caused me once again to acknowledge my trust in Tami.

This summer I suddenly came down with Bell’s palsy, which is a mystery of sorts, viral/stress and also known recently to be caused by Stage Two Lyme disease. When the Bells Palsy hit me, I immediately called my husband, my friends and Tami and my doctor.  Everyone’s response was to get treated immediately for faster recovery.  Doctor visit was first, diagnosed me with the Bells palsy and started me on antiviral meds and steroids.  We discussed the possibility of Lyme disease because the Internet indicated that it could be a cause of Bell’s palsy.  Additionally, I am a high risk for Lyme as I spend a lot of time on Martha’s Vineyard during the summer months.  Yet my doctors ruled out testing me because I showed no other symptoms of Lyme.  I did not have fatigue, no tick was ever found, no joint pain, no bulls eye rash, etc.  I left the doctor’s office only being treated for Bell’s palsy and a blood test was not ordered for me. I didn’t go home after my appointment – I immediately went to Tami’s office for a treatment.  The treatment was a challenging one, I have to say even painful – it concerned Tami so much that she strongly insisted I go back to my doctor for a Lyme blood test (not ELISA but H.Blot test), that I must at least rule it out.  The following day I requested a blood test which was difficult – Friday afternoon – holiday weekend – expensive H Blot test – you have to come in next week….as I said very difficult….but did get in for the blood test on the Friday evening.  It would have been much easier if they had just tested me the day before.  They said it would take a week before I would get the results. I actually received a call from the lab at urgent care the following Monday night of Labor Day to start me on antibiotics that night because I was in Stage Two of Lyme disease.  My Lyme reading was very high. I was treated with one week of anti-viral medicine and steroids along with 4 weeks of Doxycycline.  I had Acupuncture treatments every third day for my face (Bell’s palsy) and my immune system to help with my Lyme recovery.

My Bell’s palsy completely healed after 3 and a half weeks. Doctors said could take from 1 to 6 months some people even longer, and sometimes can be permanent.  After two months my test results showed that my Lyme disease is gone; however my body needs to heal the damage that it caused and that can take up to 6 months, but I feel better every day. I feel very lucky to be in the care of Tami. She has found her calling, it is clear that she cares about her work and she will always research and find the best treatment for each and every one of her patients.

(Tamie’s comment: I do remember this case clearly. I just could not believe the way she looked that day. I told myself “Tamie, do not cry but tell Maryellen what to do!” I told Maryellen that the earlier the correct diagnosis, your Bell’s Palsy (which I did not think it was but from Lyme Disease), the earlier I can treat aggressively and you will be cured. Her PCP even told her that it is such a waste money and time to see your acupuncturist for and did not believe what I suggested for her to (to see her PCP for Lyme test). Well, a couple of weeks later when she went back to get her face back to normal and her Lyme in remission, her PCP and three nurses, laughed about she came to see them to get the test done before the labor day weekend, came to see her to apologized how sorry they were to give the wrong diagnosis and insulted her acupuncturist (me).