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Maureen, Newton, MA

I have been receiving treatments from Tamie for about nine months-the duration of my pregnancy. I suffer from a sore shoulder and neck due to a bad car accident from nine years ago. Her treatments and thoughtful care have improved my condition greatly and the treatments will continue to alleviate the pain even more after I give birth, as there are differences in how Tamie treats a pregnant person. I am a firm believer in acupuncture and Tamie’s gentle yet effective methods are tops! I feel healthy and at ease when I get help from Tamie to let my body’s energy and immune system heal itself rather than taking a pain killer or steriod which I do not see as being truly healthy. Tamie also helped to heal an on-going rash that I would
suffer from periodically when my immune system was run down. It resembled poison oak and would cover my entire thigh for weeks at a time. No doctor or dermatologist had any answers for me other than some temporary relief from steroid creams.
Tamie cleared up the rash within 2 or 3 treatments and I’ve not had it since. I am pleased to highly recommend Tamie as an acupuncturist and healer.