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Melissa, Belmont, MA

I came to Tamie with chronic GI problems including intense reflux with nausea and IBS. I was fed up with seeing gastroenterologists who simply did their tests and told me I was fine. My symptoms said otherwise. Two years later I am nearly free of
those same symptoms. After Tamie’s treatment, which included acupuncture and diet coaching, I feel I am now in control of how I feel. Learning about acidity within the body, not just the acidity of the foods I eat, is where major changes started to happen. Even though I thought I was eating a great diet before (vegetarian, low-fat), I wasn’t. I needed to pay attention to my body’s acidity and the pH affect of the foods I ate and drank (NOT the acidity of the food itself). I had never come across this line of thinking through all of my GI bouts before. Even though a western doctor may not believe it, it honestly works for me and that’s good enough. Lemon, ginger, greens, herbs – all the things that are alkalizing – have truly changed the way I feel. Now, I no longer need treatments (even though they are a pleasure) and I certainly have no plans of ever seeing another gastroenterologist!