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Mimy, Newton, MA

My husband and I have been trying to have a babies for eight month before I came to Tamie. Since I started having period I’ve never been a “regular” girl. I don’t have a fixed schedule, sometimes it would skip one or two month. But I never thought that would be a problem until I started my new family and want to have kids. When I was young, the doctors prescribed birth control pills to regulate my period. I was on the pill for most of the years. When I tried to have babies, I stopped taking the pill, my period went away as well. My Ob had to give me Provera to induce my period, then give me Clomid to try to ovulate. After 6 months of taking Clomid, my OB gave me Tamie’s phone number and encouraged me to give acupuncture a try. The first time I had my treatment with Tamie,  I’m on my  40th day from the last period without ovulation. The day after my treatment, I had my period without medication. Since then I’ve started to come to Tamie twice a week. I had my next period exactly on the 30th day.  This is the first time I had a regular period without any medication or using birth control pills.  The third month I not only had my period on time, from blood test, I found out I’ve ovulated for the first time. Every month, my body is adjusting better and better with Tamie’s treatment and herbal pills. The fourth month I did not take Clomid because it gave me hot flushes. This month have confirmed I ovulated using home test kit and blood test. 3 weeks later, I have seen the extra line on my pregnancy test. My whole family is thrilled and fill with happiness. We cannot describe the joy and excitements. I’m so glad I have came to Tamie. She is warm and cheerful. She is so knowledgeable, always gave me encouragement and confident. Most importantly she has the skills that works miracle. During the process I almost gave up or even want to move on to more aggressive treatment. I’m so glad I had an alternative. I still see Tamie once a week up to my 13th week. I also want to come back before laboring because I believe Tamie’s treatment will help my labor and recovery from the labor. I also look forward to have more babies with the help from Tamie in the future. Tamie have made me the happiest person on earth. I really appreciate the effort and care she put into me. She really brought the joy into me and my family’s life.