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Natalie, Arlington MA

I can’t thank Tamie enough for helping my husband and I start our family.  I had experienced a failed IVF cycle and a friend suggested that I try acupuncture.  When I contacted Tamie, she immediately met with me and quickly put together a plan for the next cycle.  It was clear Tamie had extensive experience dealing with IVF patients and so she was able to consider different treatments for each unique case.  With her help, I successfully became pregnant that next cycle. What I am particularly thankful for is that Tamie also provided a much-needed ear who listened to all the stresses of IVF cycles and often had advice based on dealing with past patients that helped me mentally deal with the many unknowns of fertility treatment.  In many ways she was a better listener than my doctor and nurses: when I was having issues with the injections for my medication, it was Tamie that offered help with the pain while the nurses simply told me to “tough it out.” In the end, there was an actual problem that the doctors had to help resolve and so I appreciated that Tamie was the one who took the problem seriously from the very beginning. She is truly committed to her patients!