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Nicole, Haverhill, MA

Our Miracle !

In May 2009 I began to seek treatment from Tamie to augment the IVF treatments I was receiving.  Shortly, I began to notice benefits beyond what I originally sought treatment for: my thinning hair began to come back, my boarder-line hypertension was gone and I felt great.  In November 2009, with Tamie’s help, we achieved our goal of becoming pregnant!  We expect our baby girl to arrive anytime now and could not be more excited.  Thanks to Tamie our dream has come true and I feel physically better than ever (again full thick hair, no hypertension, no migraines, completely off any advil/tylenol, caffeine,etc.).  I highly recommend acupuncture as a natural and effective treatment and in particular I recommend Tamie as the practitioner.  Tamie is kind, compassionate and very supportive. (Nicole conceived naturally for baby #2 three years later!)