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Pam, Reading, MA

I am so grateful for the help and expertise Tamie provided while I underwent fertility treatments for PCOS. I sought her out after two failed rounds of Clomid and one failed IUI. During my first appointment, she took a thorough history and explained the ways in which she could help me. Despite being a bit skeptical, I immediately began enjoying acupuncture. Tamie creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere and the treatments were never painful. She also frequently offered small suggestions (be it regarding dietary changes or recommending funny movies to watch to relieve stress) that made me feel more in control during a time when I often felt so helpless. Although my next two IUIs were also unsuccessful, Tamie helped my cycles become more regular and it was clear that my body was beginning to respond like it was supposed to. When it came time to try IVF, Tamie was encouraging and optimistic, two things that I needed in a practitioner. She remained positive even after a subsequent miscarriage and poor response to my second IVF protocol. Although Tamie and I discussed using herbal supplements, she never pushed them on me and let me come to my own decisions. I ultimately took her advice and began using Royal Jelly, which I attribute to improved egg quality during my third (and successful) IVF cycle. I continued to see Tamie throughout my pregnancy and I know she helped me remain healthy and carry my baby to full term. I always looked forward to my weekly treatments. Not only were they relaxing, but it was nice to have such a cheerleader in Tamie. She was also extremely accommodating, often opening up her home to me for early morning or late evening sessions when necessary. This flexibility helped relieve so much anxiety when dealing with those unpredictable and uncontrollable fertility treatment schedules. We can’t thank Tamie enough for helping to bring our little boy into the world! (Pam came back to see me to conceive #2 in two years later. She is a busy mom for two now.)