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Pam, Sudbury, MA

I started seeing Tamie in July of 2006. My three IVF had failed. I had a miscarriage twins at 23 weeks. I also had another miscarriage. After the last miscarriage, my doctor told me that my eggs were old and one of my fallopian tube was blocked so that there was no chance of getting pregnant again even IVF and suggested me to adopt a baby. I saw four more different doctors but they all suggested me to adopt a baby. So I went to see Tamie when I was 39 years old and I asked her to help me have a baby naturally (without any medications). It took Tamie and I until June of 2007 for me to get pregnant on my own. I turn 40 years old and delivered this beautiful healthy baby girl in February 2008. I could not have done it without Tamie’s help and my strong faith in God. I named her “Victoria Faith”. Tamie is a wonderful person and a great acupuncturist.

(Tamie’s note: I have never forget a phone call from Pam. She said, “Tamie, we did it !”. I asked “what did your husband said ?” Her reply was ” I have not called him yet. I wanted you to know the first because we met every single week for almost a year, Tamie ! I am glad you did not give up on me. *She started crying over the phone – I cried as well*.)