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Rachel, Arlington, MA

I did not know a lot about acupuncture before I had my first treatment with Tamie.  I’d had some friends who had tried it and liked it but I was more than a little skeptical.  In the spring of 2004, I was suffering from a pain in my hip that was ultimately
diagnosed as bursitis.  I tried to keep up my regular activities but found that after an exercise class or a day of skiing I suffered for days. Sitting was uncomfortable, as was standing for any length of time. I sought traditional treatment with a great sports
medicine doctor.  She explained that my injury was an overuse injury and that it was likely to flare its ugly head at times.  The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone, which helped for a couple of days but didn’t cure the problem.  After months of icing, heat, and prescription and OTC anti-inflammatory medications, I was pretty frustrated.  I knew it was not an option to have a cortisone shot every week.

Tamie and I are neighbors.  One day she saw me limping down my driveway to bring out my trash.  She inquired about my problem and she suggested acupuncture might help.  I was at the point where I just wanted some relief so I decided to give it a
try.  I was worried that the needles would hurt and was unsure how this treatment could help.  I put my fear and skepticism aside and gave Tamie and her treatment a try.  After the first session I noticed an improvement.  It wasn’t a cure all but I definitely
felt better.  I went back for another treatment.  I would say after four treatments I felt fully recovered.  The added bonus was that the treatments seemed to improve my sleep and relax me both during and after the treatments. My problem has flared up a
couple of times since my first treatments.  When that happens, I simply head back to Tamie and she treats the problem.

The thing I like best about acupuncture is that you feel the results right away and, for me at least, there were no uncomfortable side effects.  I am grateful that Tamie saw me suffering that spring day so she could introduce me to a form of treatment that I
now rely on to treat my injury.  I highly recommend Tamie and her treatments.”