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Rachel, Bedford, MA

I have to praise Tamie for helping us during our pregnancy. I got Tamie’s name from my IVF clinic.  I had always heard how acupuncture helped with pregnancy and after a year of trying we were going to try everything and anything to help us achieve that!  Although in the end, there was a real medical reason for why my husband and I were having a difficult time getting pregnant, I know it’s because of Tamie and her gentle ways that our embryos implanted and stayed put.  We are expecting twins in December! I started working with Tamie months before the doctors figured out what our issues were.  She kept me calm and focused.  My blood pressure remained low and I believe that she helped keep my uterus open and made it a place where embryos would eventually thrive. Once we were assured we were pregnant, I had weekly appointments with Tamie.  I believe that she helped the embryos implant and she helped keep blood pumping to my uterus to keep them there.  Through most of my pregnancy I saw her weekly.  During the most critical time (22-25 week period) she reminded me to relax, keep my feet up as much as possible, not travel or stress myself out.  During that time period it is common for a woman to miscarry her twins.  I followed her advice, I kept coming for treatment and I am happy to say that I am almost 35 weeks now.  As a person, she shows how she truly cares about her patients and their well being and he practice as an acupuncturist reflects this care and compassion.I have had an issue free pregnancy.  There was no morning sickness, no swelling, no spotting, nothing; just a normal, happy, calm experience.  I owe this all to Tamie.  I am looking forward to the birth of my children so that I can be added to her wall of success! Thank you, Tamie for all your hard work with me.  This has been a dream pregnancy!