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Sabrina, Lexington, MA

After 6 months of trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant, I asked my doctor for advice. She said to keep trying for a few months. If at that point we were still unsuccessful, we should pursue fertility treatments and try acupuncture. I thought about fertility treatments and brushed aside the acupuncture idea. I didn’t believe needles would help us. Fast forward a few months…and the first round of IVF failed. With the IVF doctor’s dismal summary (“I’ve never seen this happen before”)… I needed somewhere else to turn. I remembered my doctor’s original comment about acupuncture and decided it was worth pursuing. Tamie listened and did all she could to help. She even researched our little known situation (multinucleation). She helped us feel at ease and confident (and treated my husband, despite his fear of needles). The combination of IVF Round 2 and acupuncture was what we needed! We are now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy, born April 2013!