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Sarah, Waltham, MA

During a particularly stressful time at school, I developed a TMJ click in the left side of my jaw. I went to see my dentist, but at the time I wasn’t experiencing much pain so he said there was nothing he could do and to keep in touch. A week or so after that, my jaw started to ache even when I wasn’t moving it at all. It caused me severe headaches that made it difficult to study. I was away at school at the time, so I emailed my dentist about the sharp increase of pain and he consulted with an oral surgeon who emailed me back. Basically, they both told me, there was nothing they could do. All they said was take Advil and don’t eat chewy foods, but the Advil didn’t help at all with the pain. I thought I was going to be stuck with it forever. It even hurt when I smiled and laughed. About a month later, I met a girl at school who was very interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and who recommended Tamie to me. At first I was nervous – I’m terrified of needles. But I decided it was worth it to try to make the pain go away. After two treatments with Tamie I have no more headaches and no jaw pain. It was amazing, like a miracle! After hearing that nothing could be done, going through two simple and definitely painless treatments, and the pain is gone. Tamie, I cannot say how much I appreciate what you did for me. I tell all my friends about you and how sweet and wonderful and helpful you are!