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Sonya, Saugas, MA

I began seeing Tamie after a failed IUI that resulted in an ectopic pregnancy and a failed IVF.  The process of infertility treatments is overwhelming and all consuming. I would search hours on the internet for information, guidance and reassurance. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible to insure a positive outcome. I came across Tamie’s flyer and called to make an appointment  – I was in the midst of a second IVF cycle and she wanted to see me right away. I was seeing another acupuncturist near work at the time but didn’t feel a connection to the treatment so I was hoping this would be different. I can honestly say that Tamie is amazing ! Her focus on each patient as an individual is amazing ! She not only provides acupuncture – she also shares nutritional advice as well as any research and information she can find that may be helpful to each individual patient. Tamie truly cares about her patients and wants to make sure that they have every opportunity possible to be successful. I saw Tamie regularly through my second IVF cycle and she was there to comfort be when it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Tamie is ALWAYS available and makes every attempt possible to meet with you based on what is best for you – I don’t think she ever takes a vacation. I am happy to say that I continued to see Tamie through my third IVF attempt which resulted in a beautiful baby girl born Dec 21, 2011. She again helped me through my first and second trimesters providing treatment and guidance – it is impossible to put a price on how valuable I found Tamie. I have recommended other friends and family both those seeking assistance with infertility as well as other issues and they have also found her to be an amazing practitioner. Good luck to all those reading this who are struggling with infertility and the best advice I can give is to hang in there, stay as positive as possible and make an appointment to see Tamie.