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Stephanie, Carlisle, MA

Shortly after I turned 34, my husband and I decided to start a family.  Within a few months, I was delighted to see a positive pregnancy test, and assumed I was one of the “lucky” women who gets pregnant quickly and has an easy
pregnancy.  Unfortunately, 12 weeks into the pregnancy I miscarried.  After nearly a year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant again, I found myself depressed and losing hope.  We made an appointment to see a fertility doctor, and days before our first appointment, I was thrilled to get my second positive pregnancy test!  However, at only 6 weeks, we learned the pregnancy was not viable.  After months of tests and visits to the fertility clinic, I was eventually diagnosed with Poor Ovarian Reserve.  While we were encouraged to keep trying naturally, we were told that our best chance of getting pregnant was through an egg donor due to high FSH (25) level.  I was just short of my 36th birthday and I was completely devastated by the news.  I cried for days as my husband and I considered our options and tried to make sense of the diagnosis.  The next week, I called Tamie.  I had never tried acupuncture, but I had heard that many women with infertility obstacles had found hope in the treatments.  After just two visits with Tamie, I was pregnant again.  I continue to see Tamie every week (sometimes twice a week!) and we are now 28 weeks along with a very healthy baby boy!  I’m so grateful for Tamie’s treatments and I’m sure we would not have had a healthy pregnancy without her.  Thank you Tamie!! ( Tamie’s note: Stephanie came back to see me two years later. She is a proud mom of two.)