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Suzanne, Billerica, MA

When I started with Tamie, I was pretty much ready for a microscopic discectomy.  I had a large herniated disc (L5).  I was in so much pain all the time.  All the Advil and pain relievers in the world could not help me.  Even doing regular activity was difficult. I would stand to feed my son and could not sit to eat dinner with my family.  I would drive and then when I would get out of the car, my leg would actually just collapse and I would be on the ground.  I felt so helpless and sad.  I made the decision to take a leave from work and started to see Tamie.  Slowly but surely I started to get better.  I cancelled my surgery and was able to go back to work, while continuing to see her weekly.  I don’t take any Advil or pain relievers now.  Truly amazing.  I now see her once a month for “maintenance”, but honestly I just love going and the way it makes me feel!  I have since referred a few of my relatives and friends to Tamie and they are doing great with her!