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Tracy, Tewksbury, MA

I started going to Tamie after I had been trying to get pregnant for about 11 months.  I was 38 years old I had been seeing a reproductive endocrinologist for 4 months and had been through the clomid challenge, a couple months of
clomid with timed intercourse, and then an IUI, all of which did not work.  My doctor had suggested that my next step should be IVF.  Upon hearing this, I decided I wanted to start acupuncture to help out with the whole process.  I got Tamie’s information from the lobby of the doctor’s office and gave her a call.  From the start, Tamie provided much more than just acupuncture.  She provided multiple resources as well as nutritional advice to follow to help get my body ready for a baby.  I saw her regularly through my 1st IVF, which was not successful.  They had retrieved only 4 eggs and none of them made it for a day 3 transfer.  After this, I decided to try again with a more aggressive approach and Tamie’s continued support.  This time only 1 egg was retrieved and was transferred on day 2.  Unfortunately this one didn’t take either.  After this, it was clear I was a poor responder.  I was tested for anti-ovarian antibodies to see if this was the potential problem.  My results came back positive and the next course of action was to do another IVF while taking some steroids to suppress my immune system during the stimulation period.  Hopefully that would be the answer.  During this time though, I decided to take a couple of months off of fertility treatments to change insurance providers and just focus on the acupuncture to get me ready for the next try.  During this time I saw Tamie twice a week.  At the end of my 2nd month off I was anxious to get my period so I could start the next IVF.  Normally I am very regular but for some reason that month I was late.  I decided to take a home pregnancy test just to check and sure enough it was positive!!  To say the least my husband and I were thrilled yet a bit surprised.  We had had a fairly difficult time up to this point with no luck from fertility treatments and to think we got pregnant naturally!   That was about 8 months ago and now I am 38 ½ weeks pregnant with a baby girl!  I have continued to see Tamie throughout the pregnancy, which has been healthy and luckily uneventful.  Now I am just looking forward to delivering our little girl very soon!  I have to thank Tamie for all her help with this.  I had been seeing her regularly, at least once and more often twice a week, for 5 months when I got the news.  I believe that she is the one that was able to help us to achieve our goal.  Her continued treatments, advice, and support were exactly what we needed.  Thanks so much Tamie!