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Trish, Reading, MA

I began seeing Tamie in October 2009 after surgery to remove scar tissue near my fallopian tube.  I had painful PMS the next month, a sinus infection, and then began having severe insomnia.  It was if a switch had been turned on in my body and stayed on.  I was not able to sleep at all. I tried every strategy possible to make myself physically and mentally tired but to no avail.  I tried several prescription medications but they made me feel awful the next day.  Tamie was so attentive in treating my severe insomnia, providing me with herbs and seeing me twice a week.  She would email me between treatments to see how I was doing.  Tamie was so thoughtful and empathetic through this difficult time. I am now happy to report that Tamie resolved all the issues and I’m back to feeling like my healthy self.  Tamie went above and beyond to resolve my issues and I continue to be appreciative of her skill as an acupuncturist.