Leaky Gut/IBS/IBD

I can write about Leaky Gut in details for sure because I had had this for a long time (I was not aware of it) and ended up in SIBO. Have you ever met anybody who had leaky gut, intestinal permeability, and diagnosed by their physicians? Even seeing functional medicine holistic doctors in this area (I am in Boston, MA), it is rare to see patients who were diagnosed by their physicians. But I am telling you the fact this is the root of the root cause of many diseases in these days. Please check the HIDDEN CAUSE page on my site for more details. It manifests as so many symptoms as you might not aware of a recurrent migraine headache, food sensitivity, eye pains,  chronic neck stiffness, chronic joint pain, chronic sinus infections, insomnia, ringing in ear, anxiety, short temper,  depression, brain fog, eczema and adult acne and more… If you have the family history of stomach related diseases, you may give the more target treatment for stomach by making your own “heal my leaky gut cocktail” in the morning and take it with each meal for three months and re-evaluate.

  • 6 grams of L-Glutamine Powder
  • Slippery Elm Herbal Extract
  • 1 capsule High Potency of Probiotics
  • 3 drops of Fulvic Minerals
  • 2 oz of Aloe Vela (This is the purest Aloe Vela I recommend)

If you are taking HCL capsules with the meal and you do not want to take it forever and / or would like to know how much your gut really need HCL, this is the good test “The HCL Challenge Test“. You will see the big differences before and after doing pathogen purge (detox) for a month or two to get rid of any pathogens you have (small to large parasites, bacteria overgrowth in small intestines, H. Pylori bacteria in stomach, yeast overgrowth, fungus overgrowth, chronic constipation, to irregular bowel movements- IBS). When you heal your gut, you will get your health back but a lot of patients I met in my clinic were doing wrong sequences.

This is the most recent NIH study for Gluten Sensitivity and Leaky Gut connection:

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is umbrella diagnosis includes SIBO (small intestines bacterial overgrowth) and SIFO (small intestines fungus overgrowth).

Inflammatory Bowel Disease comes with more pain includes Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.